State the Art Manufacturer of Coated
Duplex Board With Grey Back in Middle East
Raw Material & Pulp Making:
Sheet Forming
Pressing & Drying
Coating & Finishing
Converting & Packing

Raw Material & Pulp Making:

There are two types of Pulp used in our Paper Board production: White & Grey pulp.

The White pulp is made from imported hard wood, whilst the Grey Pulp is from Waste paper. The waste paper treatment plant comprises of Lamort high-density pulper, Cleaner, Coarse Screens, Fine Screens, Disc Filter as thickener, Disperser.

Sheet Forming:

The total product range is produced on six Cylinder Formers and fourdrinier Wires.

The main composition of the Base board is the white & grey Pulp porudced from different process treatmet to make suitable for above seven layers. Chemicals & Additives are added as per different quality requirement and “stock” is pumped to different Formers to make board sheet called the “Web”. The Web formed in different Formers are couched off and adhered together to form the complete Board Sheet.

Pressing & Drying:

The Board Web forming at Forming sections are carried by a Felt called “Making Felt” to the Press part.

The double felted processes remove the water from the Web. After squeezing the maximum water from the Web on the Press part, the Board Sheet enters the Dryer Section where with the help of steam heated Drying Cylinders the remaining water is evaporated from the Board Sheet.

Coating & Furnishing:

There are three stages at the Coating Section, each operated depending on the end usage and the grade requirement.

The main purpose of Pigment Coating is to get a better furnish and printing property of the top surface of the Board. To meet the above requirement, we have included a world-class Pigment and Binder in our Coating formulation to enhance the gloss and smoothness by a Calendar.

Converting & Packing:

The Winders & Cutters are specifically designed to meet the customer requirement.

The Sheet reams are packed with high B.F. Kraft & bundled with HDPE. The Reel packing is in Kraft paper along with edge protector and HDPE.