Atrak Pulp & Paper Industries

main production is Coated Duplex Board with Grey Back in a wide range of basis weight, ranging from 230 to 400 gsm.

This product can be used in a variety of packaging such as detergent, foodstuff, medicine, tissue and other industrial packaging.

The double coating applied with blade technology allows the board to yield a better and higher standard of Printing and excellent varnish application with a substantial ink economy. Coated Duplex Board is recommended for all type of packaging.

The Jumbo Reels can either be converted into smaller reels and wrapped by using the Reel Wrapping Machine or can be converted into sheets dِepending on customer requirement.

Existing Product

During the subsequent phases, the following products are to be produced:

  • Coated Duplex Board with White Back
  • inder Board

Coated duplex board with grey back
• GSM Range: 200-500 g/m²
CTQs : Stiffness, Sheet Flatness, Gloss.
The products are widely applicable for packaging of home appliances
healthcare products
detergent and
other packaging & Printing Industry.

Our extra skills

  • Production rate according to need100%
  • Customer support100%
  • Preparation of raw materials100%
  • Benefit from the best devices100%