A first class International team of Paper experts have been responsible for the design of the project, erection of the Board Machine and the commissioning of the Plant using Black Clawson, ABB, Jagenberg, Andritz, GAW etc, enabling the improvement of the quality & quantity of the product and maximizing the efficiency of the Plant. The Board Machine uses state of the art Drives from Converteam (ex Alstom), ABB, and SIEMENS.

To maintain International standards of quality and services we adopted QCS (Quality Control System) supplied by ABB which is integrated into the entire process through DCS (Distributed Control System). The production process is Eco-friendly. We contribute to the Middle East economy by utilizing Waste paper for production of The Grey Back Paper Board, thus generating added value and employment. The mill is supported by sophisticated waste water treatment plant to treat and recycle the waste water.

The Coated Board Production Process

The Production process of Coated Board at Atrak pulp & Paper industries involves various phases & steps of converting raw material into a finished product. The various phases involved during this process could be summarized as:

Raw Material & Pulp Making

  • Sheet Forming
  • Pressing & Drying
  • Coating & Finishing
  • Converting & Packing

Our extra skills

  • Production rate according to need100%
  • Customer support100%
  • Preparation of raw materials100%
  • Benefit from the best devices100%