Raw Material

Atrak Pulp & Paper Industries

All the processes are eco-friendly

We contribute to the Middle East economy by using recovered fiber and effective utilization of resources for producing Coated Duplex Board and protecting the Nature for the next generations.

There are two main fibrous raw materials used in papermaking in Atrak Pulp and Paper Industries. These are wood pulp (chemical) and recovered paper. In addition, a quantity of additives (mainly natural mineral fillers) and dyestuffs are used together with traces of auxiliary chemicals depending on product quality. Another ingredient is water, which is used during the papermaking process but is then recovered and reused .

The Bleached Hard wood is used in top layer and recycled dispersed fiber is used in the remaining 6 layers for Coated Duplex Board Production. The recycled pulp is made from Recycled News Paper, Mixed Waste Paper, Duplex Board Cuttings, Office Records, Old Corrugated Cuttings, Kraft Wrapper, etc…